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Custom Average Line Feed

You can create your own Average Line from the odds of different sportsbooks available. Here is an example of how you can configure the average price for each sport:

Soccer: Bookie1 (0.5) + Bookie2 (2.5) + Bookie3 (1.5) + Bookie4 (6.5)
Tennis: Bookie2 (1.5) + Bookie5 (1.5) + Bookie6 (1.5) + Bookie4 (6.5)
Hockey: Bookie7 (1.5) + Bookie8 (1.5) + Bookie1 (1.5) + Bookie4 (6.5)

And set the minimum total weight to calculate and populate the average price: 4.5. This weight can potentially be unreachable if an event is not offered by a number of bookies in the formula. For example, if a Tennis event is not offered by Bookie2 and Bookie4, it means that 0*1.5 + 1*1.5 + 1*1.5 + 0*6.5 < 4.5, so the price won’t be populated.
But if we have enough events to calculate the Average price, here is how it will be calculated. If a Tennis event is traded by all four bookies, we will calculate the AVG price by the formula: (Bookie2price x 1.5 + Bookie5price x 1.5 + Bookie6price x 1.5 + Bookie4price x 6.5) / 4

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