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Maximize your margin by following your top-performing competitors
and getting arbitrage bets signals.

Give your trading and risk
departments an unfair advantage.

  • Mastering arbitrage betting since 2011
  • 100+ bookies—including tier 1 sportsbooks—scanned in real time
  • 2.5m+ arbs and valuebets found every minute
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TOP Performing

Follow your top-performing competitors

  • checked Monitor bookmaker odds of up to 9 In-Play
or Prematch events on a single page.
  • checked Get "Market High" signals and detect
"Market movers".
  • checked Get signals for Arbs and Valuebets based on your odds.

Trusted by industry leaders:

arbitrage bets

Manage risk in your trading line by getting arbitrage bets signals
in real-time for Prematch and In-Play events.

You can monitor up to 9 concurrent in-play traded events and get arbitrage
bets signals for them at a single page.

Features include:

feature Odds comparison (select reference bookies from the list, we offer 100+ of world’s most known sportsbooks).
feature Live score, period, minute of the match, and interruption statuses.
feature Historical odds (possibility to compare your odds with a reference competitor since the start of the match.

Receive Arbitrage and Valuebet signals on Live and Prematch events.


Organize events for each sport. Receive signals on your overpriced markets in each event.


Analyze trading strategies
retrospectively and manage risk.

Get access to Odds Archive with two-month data retention.

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More tools to win against
your competitors.

  • checked Arbs archive
  • checked Valuebets signals
  • checked Markets coverage comparison
  • checked Score accuracy and tracking
  • checked Blocked events


Our risk team has always relied on for arbitrage signals. But with the introduction of the OddsMarket Monitoring Tool, our process has been taken to a whole new level. We now receive alerts for "market high" and "market low," besides the arbs. The Odds Archive has also proven incredibly useful in my daily reporting of our trading performance.

Thanos Gkiokas
Sportsbook, Director
Thanos Gkiokas

We have been acting as advisers to OddsMarket team when developing the Monitoring Tool since day one. Our risk and trading departments exceed thousand employees nowadays and we are heavy users of the Tool. In combination with their APIs we were able to significantly improve our margin to serve our operators better.

Yuri Havasapyan
Trading & Risk, Product Owner
Yuri Havasapyan

OddsMarket has been a trusted fast odds data supplier for us since 2019. They are responsible, always responsive, and open to any new propositions. We have a personal account manager always available in the chat and the 9am - 8pm ServiceDesk customer support reacting to our inquiries usually within a few hours.

Artem Kolodyazhnyy
Sportsbook Platform, Head of Product
Artem Kolodyazhnyy

Our partnership with Odds Market is instrumental in developing new tools for the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook. We meticulously select our partners, prioritising stability, data accuracy, reliability, and integrity in all our collaborations. We find all these qualities in our partnership with OddsMarket.

Alexander Kamenetskyi
Head of SOFTSWISS Sportsbook
Alexander Kamenetskyi

See how Odds Monitoring Tool
can help you maximize your margins.

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Including personalized onboarding, zero risk.