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An arbitrage situation is a mathematically calculated case of arbitrage that occurs due to the odds difference on the same event at different bookmakers. Thus, there is a possibility to bet on all the opposing outcomes of the match at different bookmaker offices and get a safe profit.

There are two types of arbitrage situations:

1. Prematch surebets are the cases that occur owing to the different bookmaker’s odds before the event starts.

2. Live arbs are the cases that take place owing to different bookmakers’ odds during the game.

We gather actual odds every day on the basis of which we reckon Live and Prematch arbs. Thereafter, we present all necessary data through the XML and JSON feeds with a minimal time delay.

Thus, you may automate your work with arbs.

We present the following data:

Prematch surebets

  • 270 bookmakers;
  • 49 kinds of sports;
  • 750+ sports markets.
Live arbs

  • 300 bookmakers;
  • 49 kinds of sports;
  • 750+ sports markets.

To get access to XML and JSON feeds with Live odds, just leave your Email and we’ll get back to you within 1 working day.

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Yuriy Havasapyan

Yuriy Havasapyan
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