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Odds Archive API

The Odds Archive API allows accessing and visualizing historical odds data for improved trading analysis.

Use Cases

  • Trading strategy analysis / Backtesting: Use historical data to backtest the profit/loss of your trading models against competitors. Compare prices, true probability prices, margins/overrounds, and scores retrospectively to improve your future trading.
  • Risk analysis: Detect arbitrage bets, and overpriced bets of your players retrospectively.
  • Data visualization: Connect permanently to the Odds Archive API for visualization of historical data in your trading tools.


  • 100+ bookmakers.
  • All price moves are recorded with 1-millisecond fractionality.
  • Archive depth: Historical data available since March 2023.
  • Mapped event data: Analyze trading strategies across multiple sportsbooks for a single event.

Tariffication of the API access:

  • Permanent connection: flat fee
  • One-time runs: Pay-as-you-go (per event calculation)
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Yuriy Havasapyan

Yuriy Havasapyan
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