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Prematch Odds Feeds

Prematch odds are the odds on the events that will start in the near future.

The usage of XML and JSON data transfer formats allows us to create the unique structured prematch odds database available in a user-friendly format. The data may be used for statistical purposes, in trading, or in creation of your own applications.

We offer you Prematch odds of 270 bookmakers and 49 sports. Moreover, you will have the possibility to work with the widest line, namely, 750+ sports markets.

The XML and JSON feeds represent the structured program code containing all necessary data set about the Prematch odds:

  • Prematch Bookmakers Odds;
  • Names of the certain bookmakers;
  • Full and short names of the sports markets;
  • Date and starting time of last update of outcomes;
  • Outcome indexes;
  • Outcome type.
  • Kind of sport;
  • Names of the opposing teams;
  • Names of the championships, leagues;
  • Full names of the future events;
  • Date and starting time of the future events.

Taking advantage of our XML and JSON feeds, you’re getting access to the fullest structured information about the Prematch odds with a minimal time delay. We’re constantly keeping a sharp eye that data you receive is up to date.


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Artem Kolodyazhnyy

Artem Kolodyazhnyy
Sportsbook Platform, Head of Product