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Improve your risk management and trading with a reliable partner who’s been 
in the game since 2011. From best-in-class odds monitoring tool to powerful API solutions (Odds API), OddsMarket
gives you everything you need to improve odds and protect yourself from
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” combination with their Odds APIs we were able to significantly improve our margin...”

Yuriy Havasapyan

Yuriy Havasapyan
Trading & Risk Product Owner
”...our process has been taken to a whole new level...”

Athanasis Gkiokas

Athanasis Gkiokas
Sportsbook Director
"Our partnership with Odds Market is instrumental in developing new tools for the SOFTSWISS Sportsbook..."

Alexander Kamenetskyi

Alexander Kamenetskyi
Head of Sportsbook

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Odds Monitoring Tool

Give yourself an unfair advantage.

Find gaps in your trading line, analyze strategies, and manage risk in pre-match and in-play events across 45 sports (including e-sports).

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Odds Monitoring Tool
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api api

Improve with best-in-class solutions in the betting industry.

Use the most complete, accurate, and reliable sports betting odds data to improve your products across sports betting, risk management, and affiliate. Get access to the sports betting api today!

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Frequently asked questions

What is a sportsbook API?

A sportsbook API is a digital interface that provides real-time sports betting data, such as odds, scores, and statistics, directly to users or third-party platforms. It allows to automate the betting services, enabling developers to create applications that can access betting odds, place bets, and retrieve information about various sports events efficiently.

Who can benefit from our sports odds API?

Our sports odds API is beneficial to a wide range of stakeholders in betting and sports industry, including:

  • Sports Bettors: For accessing betting odds API data and making informed decisions.
  • Betting Platforms: To offer up-to-date odds and enhance user experience.
  • Data Aggregators: For compiling comprehensive sports data.
  • Developers: For building or enhancing of sports betting applications.

How does the sports betting API work?

Sports betting API connects to sportsbooks data feeds, aggregating real-time data such as odds, scores, and event outcomes. Next, this API data is being provided in a structured format to third-party services or applications by the data operators. Developers integrate these APIs into their platforms, allowing users to access the data, place bets, and manage their accounts through automated processes.

What is the cost to access the XML odds feed?

The price for access to the XML odds feed can vary widely depending on the provider, the depth of data required, and the level of access needed (e.g., real-time vs. delayed data). Pricing models may include monthly subscriptions, pay-per-use, or custom pricing based on specific needs. It’s essential to contact odds feed providers directly for the most accurate and up-to-date pricing information.